Child Development Center


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to minister to your child(ren) and to you. The Lord has blessed us with this ministry and we consider it a great privilege to work with children.

For More Information Call 325-942-0576

Our Programs
  • Preschool (20 months through pre-Kindergarten)
  • AfterSchool (kindergarten through 12 years old)
Our Goals
  • Give your child(ren) a strong since of being loved by us and by the Lord
  • Prepare preschool children beyond the minimum requirements for kindergarten
Our Curriculum
  • Early Start Curriculum
  • ABC of the Abeka Curriculum
Our Motivation
  • Develop your child cognitively
    • Comprehension
    • Creativity
  • Develop your child emotionally
    • Social Skills
    • Acceptance of Diversity
  • Develop your child physically
    • Small and large motor development
    • Small and large muscle development
  • Develop your child spiritually
    • Weekly chapel service
    • Positive example and reinforcement
Our Method
  • Learning and play centers
  • Group instruction
CDC History

The History of Grace Temple Child Development Center

Angelo Young Sports daycare co-existed side by side with Grace Temple Baptist Church.  The church used their facilities on Sundays and the daycare in exchange used the church copier for their classrooms.  The owners approached the church about buying the daycare in 1987.

The center, under its present name, Grace Temple Child Development Center, received its license in March of 1988 under the directorship of Mr. Buddy Vines.  Mr. Vines remained the director, assisted by his wife Alice Vines, until his death in February of 1996.  In May of 1996, Joe David Ward became the director.  Sharita Russell began in February of 1992 and was added as the Assistant Director in January 2000. In March 2006 Sharita Russell was voted in by members to be the director.

Grace Temple CDC is presently on a Monitoring Plan 3 with Family and Protective Services (FPS), which is the highest status with the State of Texas.

Our preschool has been heralded by many kindergarten teachers as one of the premier leaders in early childcare.  Children who have gone through three years of our preschool program usually excel when they enter the kindergarten arena of public schools.  We use a systematic, graduated and sequenced curriculum that builds year by year preparing the student.

We are excited about what God has done through the ministry of the CDC.  We have seen children and parents come to know the Lord through the outreach efforts of Grace Temple. Our administration staff, board members and members of Grace Temple Baptist Church pray for our daycare on a daily basis.  They pray for protection of the children, they pray that the families are experiencing the richness of God’s blessings, they pray for the spiritual condition of each child and their family and they pray for you, the parents as you face the daily struggles of career, marriage and parenting.

We look forward to a long-lasting and rich spiritual heritage to evolve in the years to come.  Welcome aboard and join in a journey that will exceed all of your expectations.  We hope you, as well as your children, will experience the fullness of what we mean we say:  Surrounded By His Love!

Schools that Grace Temple Child Development Center pick up for our After-School Program are:

Austin             700 N. Van Buren

Bonham          4630 Southland Blvd.

Bowie             3700 Forest Trail

Lamar            3444 School House Rd. 

McGill            201 Millspaugh

TLCA             3301 TLCA Way

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in our Child Development Center!
1) Download the Preliminary Enrollment Form, print and fill out the form.
2) When you turn in the form to the office, we will provide you with the full enrollment packet.